Occupational Health

At Coolaroo Clinic we provide an efficient, high quality standard of Occupational Health Services. We aim to understand the particular nature of your business and your specific Occupational Health needs. Good communication allows us to ensure the best possible treatment and outcomes for your employees.

Our Occupational Medicine department is currently headed by:

Dr Dominic Yong
Dr Joe Slesenger
Dr Minh Ha Nguyen
Dr Mehrez Chowdhury
Dr Andrew Schon

Our team of experienced Occupational Health practitioners and specialists are committed to providing you with advice and guidance, open and prompt communication and early return to work to minimise lost time injuries. Our clinic has a team of Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists and Healthcare Professionals who can deliver a wide range of medical assessments tailored to suit your needs.

Injury Management

While all practising doctors have an understanding of Occupational Medicine they do not specialise in this field. Our doctors have been specialist trained in Occupational Medicine making them an ideal provider of these services.

We believe communication is the key to providing the best outcome for your workers. This is achieved when the clinic, the employer and the worker consult and cooperate to create conditions for the worker to achieve the best objectives.

Our policy is to always provide quick and efficient treatment. We believe that a worker is to continue in his or her chosen job, and that absence from work leads to psychological, emotional and financial problems. Thus, an essential part of our treatment is to maintain the employee at work as far as possible, if necessary by modifying the tasks performed.

The clinic operates on an appointment system, however acute cases are treated immediately.

On site visits are an important component of the health management of employees. We will visit your business for efficient management of employee assessment, vaccination programs, site assessments and much more.

Downloadable forms are available on this page for New Injured Worker and New Company Registration.

Specialist Services

For a more detailed assessment of a workers ability to meet the inherent requirements of a position, Coolaroo Clinic provides Fitness for Duties assessments and Independent Medical Examinations.

Regardless of whether it may be a straight forward or more complex injury, it is integral to provide a safe workplace. Employees must be able to perform their duties in a safe, secure and productive manner without presenting a safety hazard to themselves, other employees in the workplace or the public.


Our Specialist Occupational Physicians are trained to perform IME assessments. An Independent Medical Examination occurs when a doctor who has not previously been involved in a person’s care examines an individual.

These specific medico-legal assessments are conducted to determine capacity for work, cause, extent and medical treatment of a work related or other injury. An IME may be conducted at the request of an employer or an insurance company to obtain an independent opinion of the clinical status of the individual.

Following the assessment, the examining doctor will provide the employer with a detailed report to support your injury management requirements.

The prices of this service may vary depending on the amount of time required.


An examination by a Specialist Occupational Physician or Occupational Practitioner can determine if an employee is fit to perform the inherent requirements of their job or if restricted or alternate duties are required.

Fitness-for-Duty Assessments assist managers to obtain better insight into issues affecting an employee’s ability to work..

Following the assessment, the examining doctor will provide the employer with a detailed report to support your injury management requirements.

The prices of this service may vary depending on the amount of time required.

Medical Assessments

As professionals in Occupational Medicine, Coolaroo Clinic’s combined team of medical professionals provide a full range of medical assessments.

No matter your industry, placing the correct person in the correct position is essential to the safety of your staff, productivity & success.

Our team of professionals conduct these assessments to ensure the candidates capacity to undertake the duties and responsibilities of the proposed role.


Coolaroo Clinic is experienced in designing tailored medical assessments that respect the privacy, workplace relations and anti-discrimination legislation.

Our assessments give employers valuable health information which is relevant to the applicant’s ability to perform the requirements of the position.

To be effective, medicals should be specifically tailored to individual organisations and job tasks.


Coolaroo Clinic acknowledges that current executive teams are subjected to significant stress at work. Long hours and deadlines place pressure on all aspects of daily living including diet, exercise, and work-life balance. This can impact their overall wellbeing.

Ensure the health of key staff with a comprehensive medical, fitness and lifestyle screening assessment.


Coolaroo Clinic is in compliance with industry specific legislative requirements to perform the following assessments:

  • Rail
  • CAMS
  • Emergency response
  • Commercial drivers (Trucksafe medicals)
  • Dangerous goods
  • Fatigue medicals
  • Coalboard
  • Expatriate
  • Scuba

Coolaroo Clinic is able to organise teams of health professionals to your work site to perform all aspects of employment assessments including:

  • Medical examinations
  • Audiometric testing
  • Spirometry
  • Work fitness assessments
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Bulk vaccinations.

Alter your company medical to job specific requirements with any of the below additions:

  • Audiometry
  • Spirometry (Lung Function test)
  • ECG (Heart test)
  • Urine drug and alcohol screening
  • Fatigue assessment
  • Functional assessment
  • And more

All our assessments are carried out in an efficient manner within a comfortable and friendly environment.

✓ We are approved Australia Post facility nominated doctors
✓ We are approved InjuryNET doctors
✓ We are and approved RailSafe medical provider
✓ We are a registered Yellow fever Vaccination clinic

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Coolaroo Clinic conduct urine drug screening and alcohol assessment for employment medicals as well as random, for cause, post incident and return to work testing.

Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is becoming increasingly common in industries where drug or alcohol use could affect an employee’s ability to carry out their duties safely. Employees who have drugs and/or alcohol in their system poses a risk to not only their own safety but to the safety of other employees.


Our urine drug screen testing is completed by using a split specimen cup which is accredited and recognised under the Australian Standard 4308:2008 requirements. Our split specimen cups provide an indicative non-negative or negative result in 6 drug classes:    

  • Cannabinoids (THC)
  • Benzodiazepines (BENZ)
  • Opiates / Morphine (OPI / MOP)
  • Methamphetamines (METH)
  • Cocaine (COC)
  • Amphetamines (AMP)


Al non-negative results are phoned to the specified authorised person at your company to get approval for the specimen to be transported to the laboratory for a confirmation analysis.


We work closely with Healthscope Pathology for all laboratory confirmation analyses. Healthscope Pathology Laboratories are fully NATA accredited to Australian Standards 4308:2008 for screening and confirmation. Collection of all samples are managed to ensure prompt analysis and priority return of results.

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